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The Killester WW1 Memorial Campaign was founded in 2013 by a number of local residents and military veterans, its aim is to create a permanent WW1 Memorial for the Irish Soldiers and Sailors who lived in the ex servicemen houses of the Killester Garden Village built in 1923. These were 'Houses for Hero's'. The memorial will also stand in recognition of the Killester Garden Village, being the largest WW1 ex-servicemen housing development built in the Republic, 289 bungalows were built and surrounding infrastructure, the estate was even divided up by military rank.

A Royal British Legion hall centred in the area has also been a major part of the campaign as we wish to preserve the hall and envisage in refurbishing it for community use for the people of Killester.

We are an apolitical independent community campaign.

If you wish to get involved please don't hesitate to ask.

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